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5 Reasons to Book a Wedding Videographer

Hey everyone and welcome back to another blog post! You’ve probably guessed from the title that today’s post is all about weddings which we’re certainly missing here at McLeish Film & Media. With the current cap on patrons able to attend weddings, we are unfortunately not able to shoot our beautiful couple’s big days until these restrictions are lifted.

I understand wedding planning has likely slowed down due to the uncertainty we currently face, however this post can get you thinking about your big day and whether wedding videography is something you and your partner might consider!

Here are five reasons why I feel you should have a wedding videographer:

#1 Photos capture moments in time, but video allows you to relive your wedding day

After attending a number of weddings we can safely tell you that your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye. There is a huge lead up to a wedding, so many hours spent planning and dreaming of your special day. Don’t miss the opportunity to have this important day captured, you’ll only experience it once but you can relive it time and time again in your wedding videos.

#2 Audio

As wedding videographers, we have a unique opportunity to capture your love story and bring it to life through elements of video, sound and style. Relive your wedding vows again, share them with future children and grandchildren or family who couldn’t be present on your wedding day. A videographer will also film your reception to record the kind words said about you as a couple, words that you’ll listen to and cherish.

#3 Video captures raw moments

A picture paints a thousand words but a video says even more. The opportunity we have as videographers is not only to document the formalities, but to capture the raw, emotional moments between guests, family, friends and you as a couple. So often the feedback we get from our couple’s is how surprised they were to see certain moments filmed that they didn’t realise we had been there to capture. Also there is a lot happening on a wedding day that it’d be easy to miss something, especially when you’re the centre of attention you can easily get caught up in the day. Your videographers will be there to film not only you but your guests as well and all the antics they get up to!

#4 Priorities

Wedding videography may be seen as a luxury cost but I would argue that it’s priceless. Weddings can be very expensive and you may find you’re quickly slipping over your budget. If I’ve caught you in the very early stages of your wedding planning, I would recommend you seriously consider and even begin budgeting for photography and videography services. There are certainly other important costs and things to prioritise, but if you can find the room in your budget, definitely consider having your wedding day captured by a team of professionals.

#5 A beautiful collection of memories

Wedding photography and videography compliment each other to give you the ultimate collection of memories. I feel it’s well worth budgeting for both of these services, your guests aren’t likely to remember the reception centerpieces or other pricey extras, they’ll remember the memories they made on your special day, memories that your photographer and videographer will be there to document.

I hope these five points help you and your partner in deciding whether a wedding videographer is something you wish to include in your big day. If you’re interested in our pricing and packages for weddings please don’t hesitate to send through an email with your enquiry.

Thanks for reading another blog post, I’ll speak to you again soon!


With love,

Liz x

Photos and videos captured by McLeish Film & Media

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