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Self-Isolation: Is it really so bad?

Hello and welcome back to another blog post! In this blog I discuss what you can do whilst in self-isolation, how to stay productive and the importance of taking some time for yourself and your family.

So self-isolation, is it really such a bad thing? I appreciate that for some, it has meant a reduction or loss of work entirely and my heart goes out to those individuals who are going through a challenging time right now. This blog will provide you with some tips on making the most of your time in isolation, how you can be productive and why you should cherish these moments with your loved ones either in person or digitally!

Taking time for yourself

We all lead busy lives and so often we find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed and using the excuse “I don’t have time.” Maybe being placed into self-isolation is a blessing in disguise? We’re being forced to slow down, some are working from home, others have received an early Easter break, we are suddenly spending more time with family and we also have more time to ourselves. Why not use this time to wind down, slow down and focus on our mental and physical health. We take our health for granted as it gets lost in the list of priorities with things like work becoming a greater concern. I get it, we've got to work to make an income, to provide for ourselves and our family. But so often I see people not taking time to focus on their own health, their own diet, exercise, and mental well-being. It’s not selfish to take some time out for yourself, in fact, it’s one of the best things you can do especially now when staying healthy is of critical importance.

Not only can you take this time to focus on your physical and mental well-being but you could also utilise the time to learn a new skill, enrol in an online course or improve some areas in your life that need attention.

Taking time to spend with your family

If you live with your family whether that’s a partner, kids or grandparents you should cherish this time you’ve gained with them. I think it’s very special that we are spending more time with our families whether you live with them or not, I’m seeing a lot of people making use of FaceTime, Skype, and other apps to stay connected with their families who may live a distance away. It’s almost like this crisis has been a reminder that family is so important and it's subsequently encouraged us to check in with our loved ones.

Despite it being a very sad time, there are some beautiful things happening, families are reuniting, getting back in touch, communicating more. I even took this opportunity to get in touch with some family in the UK that I was due to be seeing soon however my travel plans have unfortunately been postponed. When we were chatting it was mentioned that we should do this more often and we wondered why we hadn't picked up the phone sooner. Isn’t it funny how we lose touch but in the midst of a crisis we have been reminded of the importance of staying connected?

Connecting with loved ones

Whilst we should find time to spend with our families, it’s also worth staying in touch with our friends and loved ones. We may not be able to physically see our friends but we CAN pick up the phone and ring them, check-in and ensure they’re doing ok. Maybe use this time to get back in contact with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, catch up, see how they are, how they are feeling. It’s important we continue to communicate with those we love because one day (hopefully soon) we’ll be back to a sense of normality and will be able to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones once again.

Read books

I feel like this has made everyone’s new year's resolution list at some point and I know I’m always telling myself I need to do this more. I love reading, I find it so relaxing and I love the escapism of reading a book which right now I'll happily accept. If this has been a goal of yours for a while, NOW is the perfect time to pick up that book you started reading in January and commit to finishing it. It’s the perfect distraction and much better than binging a Netflix series (although let's be real, we’ll all totally do this too 🙊).

Move and nourish your body

It’s important that whilst we are being asked to stay at home that we don’t let good habits slip such as exercising and eating a well-balanced diet. Being healthy has never been more important than it is today therefore if you already have a routine of exercising, don’t give it up! We’re fortunate to live in a country that has beautiful weather almost year-round so what’s stopping you from getting outside and moving your body? It’s great for your physical health, it’ll take your mind off things for a period of time and allow for some mental clarity. My exercise regime at the moment consists of a big morning walk first thing, followed by some kind of workout whether that be a session at home with some weights or even a bike ride. It not only helps to break up the day, but it actually improves my mood by a huge amount and I feel so much happier once I’ve completed my exercise for the day.

Something equally, if not more important is to nourish your body with a nutritious diet consisting of whole foods and even a few treats for some balance! It’s crucial that we increase our immunity in order to combat illness and disease, this can be done by ensuring we have a healthy diet, we eat plenty of protein, fruits, vegetables and also drinking an adequate amount of water. If anyone has questions about eating healthy, dieting and so on please feel free to contact me as I am a qualified personal trainer (fun fact.)

So is self-isolating so bad? There are certainly benefits to be gained from this time we’ve been given to stay at home. I encourage you all to make the most of the time, be productive, get back in touch with loved ones, stay in touch with your friends and family, move and nourish your body and most importantly try to keep a positive headspace. Mindset is everything, I believe if we can stay strong through these next tough months we will come out on the other side physically and emotionally stronger individuals.

With love,

Liz x

Ps. Thanks Mum and Dad for modelling!

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