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Why you should be utilising Video Marketing

Updated: May 26, 2020

We live in a world where mobile phones, laptops and iPads are either tools for our occupation or sources of entertainment in our downtime. If you run a business and have an online presence, it's important that you take advantage of this and utilise digital marketing. One effective option is video advertising. A tool that will promote your business, generate leads, and increase your sales. Sounds pretty good right?

Society has in recent years developed a shortened attention span and you might agree that it's due to the surge in mobile phone and social media usage. We find satisfaction in short-form media, relying on photos, videos, memes, Instagram stories and so on to provide us with the information and entertainment we seek. There is such an overwhelming amount of media at your fingertips and your Facebook, Instagram and email feeds are most likely seeping with information. As a result, you might have found your attention span narrowing. Could this be because you're constantly filtering through feeds of visual content?

Research has found that video is the most commonly viewed medium. A study showed that ‘people will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021.’ If you're running a business no matter what size, it’s important that you utilise video advertising. This could be anything from video content on your website, Facebook page, Instagram or marketing emails.

Video created by McLeish Film & Media for KWR Roofing

Here is an example of a promotional video we created for a business that they use on their website to invite potential customers to view. See our work in action! In a ‘landing’ video like this example, you can establish your business, location and what you can offer customers. Videos like these are proven to be effective and are perfect for website material.

Another example of video marketing is creating content for your social media platforms such as the video below. We created this short style video for Greg at Modern Blinds which he used aross his social media platforms.

Video created by McLeish Film & Media for Modern Blinds

If you’d like to know more about promotional videography, please contact us today to see what we could create for you and your business. Simply email Liz at or ring 0468377069 to make an enquiry and receive a free quote.

I hope everyone’s staying safe during these scary times, I look forward to speaking with you in the next blog!

With love,

Liz x

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